Welcome to was founded in Oct of 2007 by Leroy Lehr and Dr Jane Witten to help our team get the tools and training they need to succeed. MMT was the creator of the first Webinar on Demand system to help provide quality turn key presentations for a simple and duplicatable system for it's members. membership is FREE

Any current Money Masters Team member (MMT Member) can add anyone they enroll into their business on to the team. The newly added member can then add anyone THEY have in THEIR business and so on.

Why do I want to be a MMT member?

As a MMT member you'll have access to our weekly "MEMBERS ONLY" training webinars at Our "Members Only" Webinars are held every Tuesday Night at 6 PM PT. We train you and your team FOR FREE! Join us every Tuesday for "Outside the Box" sales and online marketing training. We train on everything from our exclusive LeadNetPro Marketing System program to how to use our Exclusive "Press 1" phone broadcasting techiniques along with other training to help build your business.

How do I join

Yes. There are 2 ways to get access to the benefits. You can be referred by a current MMT member OR you can sign up for the You'll get access to the weekly "MEMBERS ONLY" webinars PLUS 24 hour replay to watch them at your convenience! Go to to get started. Not already a member of LeadNetPro? If you are not already working with a LNP rep that is a MMT or LNPMS member, please get back to them to get enrolled. If you are not working with a qualifed LNP rep you may contact us directly @ 623-444-5329 to more information.